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japanese persimmons cliona doyle

“Japanese Persimmon” by Cliona Doyle, Dublin



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We offer event and holiday decorating services that include a free consultation to evaluate your space and a design proposal to include such elements as bed plantings, lighting, planted containers, floral arrangements, garlands, table settings, Christmas trees, wreaths, menorahs, gourds and more.  Let us help you to celebrate your event or holiday season with style and panache!  We work with all different motifs, including traditional, contemporary, rustic, elegant, vintage, and more.  Our decorating services include:

Dinner Parties, Cocktails, Celebrations:  Indoor and outdoor party decorating including flowers, planted containers, ornaments, greens, lighting and more.

Holiday:  Christmas tree, wreath and garland decoration and installation.



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Stump Planters

These natural planters are made from hollowed tree stumps and planted with a selection of perennials that persist through the winter months and all throughout the year. Sizes vary widely, your choice - large enough for a landscape accent or small enough for a table top.  Our custom stump planters make great gifts.




Is it too hot to even think about weeding? 

Yes.  It is.  Call us! 443.333.3131