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japanese persimmons cliona doyle

“Japanese Persimmon” by Cliona Doyle, Dublin



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Whether it's stone, wood or plants, the garden floor defines garden activity - a pathway, space for entertainment or a place to stop and contemplate.

Some selections are:

  • Manufactured pavers
  • Natural fieldstone, flagstone or bluestone
  • Brick
  • Wood, such as cedar, teak or pine
  • Pebble mosaic
  • Crushed stone, gravel or shells
  • Recycled materials such as glass, plastic or rubber
  • Poured concrete - stained or stamped
  • Steppable plants
  • Wood fiber or mulch

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Stump Planters

These natural planters are made from hollowed tree stumps and planted with a selection of perennials that persist through the winter months and all throughout the year. Sizes vary widely, your choice - large enough for a landscape accent or small enough for a table top.  Our custom stump planters make great gifts.




Is it too hot to even think about weeding? 

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