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“Japanese Persimmon” by Cliona Doyle, Dublin



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Whether it's the beginning of a new project or the renovation of an old one, we are ready to listen to our clients and will deliver innovative design and thoughtful installation.  

Our services include:GOODEARTH042820 84652

Landscape and garden design

Landscape installation

Fine Garden Maintenance

Container Planting

New! Kitchen Gardens 



Fine Garden Maintenance

Allium schubertii

Gardens need a lot of work and care to thrive and grow. Our experienced maintenance staff cares for your garden like it is their own.

We can be there for weeding, trimming and cleaning to keep your landscape beautiful and make the garden plan a reality. 

Maintenance may include anything from removing weeds and invasive plants, refreshing mulch, adding seasonal annuals and bulbs, installing decorative garden items, planting flower boxes and container gardens, deadheading perennials, pruning, creating espalier and more!

Our garden maintenance expertise encompasses the care required for formal, contemporary and natural landscapes, conservation plantings, rain gardening and containers.

Landscape Maintenance Plans

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Services 
  • By Appointment Only 
  • Container Planting 
  • Holiday and Winter Decor 

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Events + Decor

We offer event and holiday decorating services that include a free consultation to evaluate your space and a design proposal to include such elements as bed plantings, lighting, planted containers, floral arrangements, garlands, table settings, Christmas trees, wreaths, menorahs, gourds and more.  Let us help you to celebrate your event or holiday season with style and panache!  We work with all different motifs, including traditional, contemporary, rustic, elegant, vintage, and more.  Our decorating services include:

Dinner Parties, Cocktails, Celebrations:  Indoor and outdoor party decorating including flowers, planted containers, ornaments, greens, lighting and more.

Holiday:  Christmas tree, wreath and garland decoration and installation.



Container Planting Service

Talented Good Earth designers are available throughout the gardening season to plant your containers for you.  Containers are planted at your home.  We design custom container planting based on the colors and styles you like, your plant preferences, the amount of sun and the architecture of your space.

The cost of your container garden depends on the plant material used in the design and the size of the container.  Please call for more details!

Our most complete container planting services includes an early spring planting (March or April) followed by a summer tweak to add plants that will thrive in summer heat and  humidity.  As summer winds down, we return again to prep the containers with fall-hardy plant material.  In December we make a visit to prepare the containers for the holidays with cut evergreen boughs and dried plant material.  For larger containers during our December visit, we also install flower bulbs such as hyacinth, miniature daffodils and tulips for early spring bloom.  Finally, we return in January to remove spent evergreens and neaten the containers to await spring.  

Our simplest service plans include a single visit for planting. 

We can plant containers for you during any time in the growing season and will make recommendations for watering and feeding your plants.  

Need containers?  We can help with that, too.

IMG 2351IMG 2353Table planted with Escheveria, Impatiens, FernsIMG 1514IMG 2621IMG 1387.

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Stump Planters

These natural planters are made from hollowed tree stumps and planted with a selection of perennials that persist through the winter months and all throughout the year. Sizes vary widely, your choice - large enough for a landscape accent or small enough for a table top.  Our custom stump planters make great gifts.




Is it too hot to even think about weeding? 

Yes.  It is.  Call us! 443.333.3131