Design + Installation + Maintenance

Landscape + Garden Design + Maintenance

Let us design your garden from start to finish.  We will start with an in-person design consultation to evaluate your space and create a list of goals you would like to see accomplished.  From there, we will create a beautiful, fully illustrated design plan tailored to fit your exact needs.  Once the design plan has been finalized, we will give you an estimate for installation and maintenance.  The landscaping services we offer include: 

  • Design of layout, including areas for entertaining and furniture
  • Phased Master Plans for city gardens or estates
  • Selection and installation of plants and planters
  • Design and installation of irrigation & lighting systems
  • Design and installation of pergolas, custom furniture, fences, and other items by local craftsmen
  • Design and installation of hardscape including pavers and natural stone
  • Maintenance packages for small or large gardens with quarterly to weekly schedules 
  • DIY Landscape Master Plans

We can tweak existing landscapes or design from a blank slate.  

Our design aesthetic is influenced by modern landscape architecture.  

We listen to how you wish to use your garden and begin the project from there.