The Kitchen Garden

 Always dreamed of walking in to your garden to cut a sprig of basil for finishing off that perfect dish? Let our team bring the taste of home to your back door with a Kitchen Garden the whole family can enjoy!  Your garden will be both functional and ornamental with vegetables planted in patterns or groups with flowers, fruits and herbs intermingled.  Need edible flowers and herbs for your next cocktail party? Want to revel in the superior taste of your very own home grown tomatoes? 

We'll take you from seed to savory, handling all your vegetable garden needs from installation, to maintenance and harvest.  

Our team of experts has been cultivating gardens since 2003 and are excited to get your edible garden going in three easy steps.

Your garden will be designed to include herbs, vegetables, edible flowers and fruit that will grow well in your area.  

1) Meet with our expert garden consultant - Free!

During your meeting, the consultant will listen to how you'd like to use your garden and will suggest size, location and plantings.  We'll create your Kitchen Garden plan and set a date for construction of your garden beds and planting.  

2) Choose one of our Kitchen Garden Installation options:

Built for you and planted with carefully curated herbs, flowers and vegetables - a complete garden 

  • Wee - One 8'x4'x2'  $800
  • Harvest  -Three 8'x4'x2' $2300 
  • Potager - Four custom built 8'x4x'2 $2600
  • Custom - Priced per project 

3) Select a Maintenance Schedule

Our team of experts will visit your garden weekly or bi-weekly to nurture, weed, fertilize, water, prune, treat and harvest, leaving a wonderful bag of vegetables on your stoop. We do EVERYTHING!  

Weekly $160
Bi-Weekly $230

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