About Us

KARA:  Kara Crissey is owner of Good Earth Gardeners.  She has designed gardens for seventeen years.  Using a blended aesthetic of modern and traditional, she applies principles of regenerative landscape design to create resiliant, evolving systems integrating human and wild communities.

Kara studied landscape design at the University of Maryland, the Community College of Baltimore County and at Jardin d'Art et D'Essais in Normandy, France. 

Fun Fact:  Kara still owns her first work truck - a 22 year-old Ford F150 with 265,000 miles on the odometer

Fav. Native Plant:  American Hornbeam - Carpinus carolineana

Certifications:  CPH, CBLP-D, CBLP-I

PHOEBE: Gardening has been an important part of Phoebe Ambrose's life since she was a child growing up on the Eastern Shore. Helping her parents making the most of the small yard at her childhood home led to a professional gardening career in 1998. Prior to joining Good Earth in 2017, she supervised sod jobs at Camden yards and managed entire nurseries. Pruning and training trees and shrubs is her speciality.

Phoebe currently lives in Annapolis with her young son Elias. When not working in the garden, Phoebe enjoys art and painting.  

Fun Fact: Phoebe was the muralist for Aquanautics Scuba shop in Curtis Bay Maryland.  Many weekends Phoebe can be found at festivals painting faces.

Fav. Native Plant: Maypop Passion Flower - Passiflora incarnata 

SARAH: Sarah is an Annapolis native who went to St. Mary's High School and on to graduate from the University of Maryland where she also received an athletic scholarship to play soccer. She graduated with both a B.S. and B.A. degrees. Growing up, Sarah's entire family lived on the same street in Annapolis. She and her wife of thirteen years live just one street over with their dog, Sonny.  Sarah is a gardener committed to sustainable practices. While she enjoys plants of all kinds, vegetables hold a particularly dear place in her heart since digging her grandfather's potatoes as a child. He maintained they were rocks despite her strong 5 year old objections.

Fun Fact: She was teammates with Megan Rapinoe on the U19 Women's National Soccer Team in 2003.

Fav. Native Plant: Paw Paw Tree - Asimina Triloba

GARRETT: was born and raised in Maryland and graduated from Our Lady of Good Counsel High School. A passionate and talented artist, he was also fascinated with math, physics, and the way things function. So he decided to attend university to study industrial design and earned his bachelors in science from Philadelphia University.     Afterward, he found himself in Miami. Living in Miami for a while, Garrett decided he wanted to live a less materialistic existence. He wanted to grow his own food instead of paying outrageous prices for organic produce at big name grocery stores. He wanted a yard flourishing with fruits and vegetables; not a 17th floor balcony with a view of the city. 

This time he ended up in Maui, Hawaii. There, he lived on an organic permaculture farm. With no electricity, and an outdoor kitchen, shower, and toilet, Garrett found a new appreciation for the simple things in life. Especially nature. He discovered a new relationship with plants and fell in love. He continued as an organic farmer, implenting and planting food forests all over the island of Maui for the next six years.     Garrett somehow found himself in Maryland again. That's where his path aligned with Kara and Good Earth Gardeners. While the plants may look different here and have different names, Garrett is still in love and eager to plant! 

Fun Fact: Garrett's order of whom he is most likely to befriend is: 1. a dog 2. a tree 3. a human

Fav. Native Plant: Plantain-leaf pussytoes - Antennaria plantaginifolia

 BRANDY: Brandy is a lifelong insect enthusiast who came to Good Earth looking for a job that involves sunshine, fresh air, and nature. Drawn in by Kara's vision and knowledge on keeping a balanced garden that helps wildlife, Brandy knew that Good Earth was THE place to be. 

Each day that she works with native plant species, she learns more about their delicate and important symbiotic relationship with native insects.  Planting flowers and trees that help these beneficial but threatened creatures make her feel like a superhero! 

Besides bugs and relaxing in her own garden, Brandy enjoys spending time with her family and loved ones, bird watching, exploring nature trails, volunteering with local conservation groups, reading in the bath until the water turns cold, and listening to metal.

Fun fact: Insects such as the honeybee (Apis mellifera) and the European wasp (Vespula vulgaris) use visual processing mechanisms that are similar to humans', which enables reliable face recognition. So bee nice!

Fav. native plant: Swamp Rose Mallow

Hibiscus moscheutos