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japanese persimmons cliona doyle

“Japanese Persimmon” by Cliona Doyle, Dublin



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Design + Installation

Fine Garden Maintenance 

Container Planting Service

Teacup Flower Subscription




In design, we seek to find the balance between control and chaos, the complex and minimal, form and function.

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We are recognized across Maryland for our fine gardening expertise.  We offer design and installation of backyards, container gardens, rain gardens, roof gardens, terraces and patios.

Whether it's the beginning of a new project or the renovation of an old one, we listen to our clients and can customize plans for every desire and budget.  

Our services include:

Landscape and garden design

Landscape installation

Fine Garden Maintenance

Container Planting

Flower Subscription


Garden art by David Harper -

contemporary garden statues and yard art Torus Company






Lily Stargazer 

Now hiring!

Do you enjoy working outdoors? Our team is looking for a creative, self-directed, detail oriented gardener to lead our clients into summer by planting and maintaining gorgeous summer annuals, tropical containers & keeping up with weeds. This is fine gardening - and will require a light touch and a natural understanding of design and style. 
Some experience required.  On the job training available. Email info@goodearthgardeners.com to schedule an interview.