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japanese persimmons cliona doyle

“Japanese Persimmon” by Cliona Doyle, Dublin



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Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.  ~Rumi

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We're hiring gardeners - $13-$19/hr

Good Earth Gardeners has a vision of "Carefully Wild" - merging sophisticated garden design with ecological intelligence. Our service philosophy includes thoughtful customer service, meticulously selected and unusual plant material, trusted landscape industry partners and most importantly, long term client relationships.

Applicants should be passionate about plants and the outdoors, always seeking knowledge, and conduct them selves in a professional manner. We are looking for candidates who are interested in joining a company with which they can grow. We will help guide you along a career path we build together; a path which is based on your interests and career goals.

Although prior professional gardening experience is valuable, we are willing to consider all candidates with a demonstrable passion for gardening.

As a Landscape Gardener, you will be tending to everything from cozy courtyard plantings and detailed estate gardens, to planted containers and rooftop gardens. You will be utilizing your knowledge in sound horticultural practices, pest ID, and proper pruning techniques. The clientele you will be working with care deeply about their gardens. Communicating with them effectively will be an integral part of your role with Good Earth Gardeners. 

Benefits include paid vacation days, bonus incentives. Professional certification and training in horticultural skills on a case-by-case basis.