"All worthwhile works of art take time and pains. Gardens are worth the effort because they can be so personal, and so satisfying. Don't settle for less than you feel is right for you and don't feel that anything as long-range as a good garden is not worth your best efforts and attention.” L. Brimer

“Japanese Persimmon” by Cliona Doyle, Dublin

In design, we seek to find the balance between control and chaos, the complex and minimal, form and function. 

 “A garden should make you feel you've entered privileged space -- a place not just set apart but reverberant -- and it seems to me that, to achieve this, the gardener must put some kind of twist on the existing landscape, turn its prose into something nearer poetry.” 

Michael Pollan, Second Nature: A Gardener's Education

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Landscaper - Good Earth Gardeners

  • Garden and Landscape Design
  • Fine Garden Maintenance
  • Landscape Management
  • Container and Annual Plantings
  • Floral Design for Home and Events
  • Since 2003 we have been designing gardens from Annapolis to Easton.  We can create beautiful gardens, care for and maintain established gardens, prepare planted containers for every season,  or bring you a weekly floral arrangement and .  We would be delighted to provide any of our services to you.  

    Outdoor decorating Free Estimates!

    Welcoming holiday wreaths are a cheerful addition to winter!

    Conservation landscaping supports clean air and water by:

    • Using plants that are adapted to the local conditions that require less fertilizer and pesticides

    • Trapping localized storm water on site with rain barrels and rain gardens to insure slow percolation and increased filtration of nutrients entering the ground water

    • Reducing the amount of smog released into the air and the amount of atmospheric deposition of nutrients into our water by reducing the amount of mowable lawn area

    See the Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council's "Eight Essential Elements of Conservation Landscaping" for more information.

    Landscape Maintenance Service

    Put your garden to bed for winter:

    Leaf removal, mulching, root fertilization.